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Friday, April 29, 2011

Rings of hope

I wore rings today. Along with my ring earrings, I wore the necklace that I made to hold my reading glasses--it too sports a ring.

After getting up early to watch the British royal wedding along with two billion other people, I decided that today deserved rings.

I've done my best to ignore the hype about the wedding, changing channels when the reporting went on an on about dresses and carriages and reality/celebrity TV. I was surprised on Monday when I heard that today would be the day.

So why watch? Yesterday I heard a commentator say, "This is not a fairy tale. This is a marriage between two rather ordinary middle aged people."

During the ceremony, the Anglican priests talked a lot about the the ring as a symbol of the union of Christ and church, husband and wife.

I think I tuned in because I harbor a wish that this marriage of two ordinary people will last, and perhaps that it will set the tone of a new century of sensible people making wise decisions for the right reasons. Along with two billion people, I hope that this rather ordinary couple will thrive together.

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