365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the pink, and purple

I bought these purple beads at a yard sale one summer about 10 years ago. I've never used them. They're so shiny, and... purple. I made this pair of earrings over the weekend--a syncopated series.

This morning I put on this pink sweater in celebration of a gloriously sunny April day. My 3rd grade Writing Workshop was outdoors today, children scattered about amidst the daffodils and dandelions.

I rarely wear pink. My daughters persuaded me to buy this sweater a few years ago, to break out of my blue rut. So today I wore shiny purple beads and a bright pink sweater. If April can get out of its rainy rut, then I can break out, too. For a day, anyway.


J-ROK said...

Though I'm sure it's a beautiful sweater, I think I would faint to see you in pink!

K├Ąthe said...

Julie, don't be so sure she wasn't wearing blue pants or socks! She does look good in this sweater, though ;)