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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fish, responding to a deluge

When I left home this morning, thunderstorms were raging and tornado warnings filled the airwaves. I drove past many overflowing streambanks and a fair amount of water streaming across the road.

I chose these fish earrings with the thought that perhaps today's rainfall would create conditions in which they'd thrive.

By noon the skies were clear. In my world, a soaking rain fell. But news of disastrous weather still fills the airwaves, with tales of horrendously damaging storms.

I remember the night some 10 years ago when I awoke to hear a train passing close to our house. I sat up, listened, and thought, "Silly me. I must be dreaming! There aren't any trains on this mountain!" I curled up and went back to sleep. In the morning, we found tall trees strewn across our front yard, and ripped up all along our mile-long drive. How lucky we were that that "train" passed by, missing our house with my sleeping family inside. 

So many people awoke today to find their lives swept away. Another day to count my blessings.

I'd never really noticed how forlorn these fish look until I posed them on this disaster photo--they'd always seemed to bright and cheerful, dangling their their hearts below as they swim. An illusion.

This is another pair that I bought from the amazing Fimo clay artist at the Sawmill Center for the Arts in Cook Forest, PA.

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