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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cat Rings

For the 3 days that 2 dogs, Leif and Zeke, visited our house, our 2 cats vanished. Maia, our tortoise-shell female, often disappears when company arrives; she's rarely seen by any visitors.

But not our out-going male tabby cat, Hermes. He parades before company, rubs against their legs, perches in their laps. Hermes is our daughter Phoebe's best friend, and our son Willem's nemesis.

Ringed-in Cat
For more than a day, after the dogs arrived, Hermes vanished. I searched the house several times before deciding that he must have snuck outside. But after a day, I began to worry that he might have encountered trouble out in the wild. How would we tell Phoebe, newly arrived home from college, that Hermes was gone?

But finally Willem searched him out where he and Maia hid amidst some storage bins, high on a loft at the top of the house. For another 2 days, they lurked there, glaring down, refusing to venture down to their food or litter box. Ringed-in by dogs in their own domain.

This morning, the dogs headed home with my daughter Kathe and her husband Jim. The cats emerged once more to claim their home.

I made this pair of earrings this afternoon using cat charms that I bought last summer at a fair in Berkeley Springs, WV during a drenching downpour.

Cat Un-Ringed

It's good to watch our cats roam free. 

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