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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Earrings for November 22

Today I wore this pair of "fake gold" earrings that my cousin David's wife Jeanne sent me a couple of months ago. Like Jeanne, I rarely wear fake gold, even more rarely gold. But today, as I looked for earrings that might somehow fit my day, I opted for these.

November 22, the 48th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. November 22, the day when I teach a research lesson about the Pilgrims. November 22nd, the day that my 3 children will arrive home for Thanksgiving.

I wanted something small and subtle, in honor of my distant memories of John Kennedy, the first president elected in my lifetime, shot dead when I was seven.

I wanted something simple and idealistic, in honor of the early immigrants who blazed the path to American's shores.

I wanted something pure, that made me think of family. My kids are coming home!

A couple of days ago, my daughter Kathe posted on Facebook, "gone to Paris Mountain in my mind!"

I took this photo of the earrings on top of the wooden stool that sits in my bedroom. My daughter Kathe painted it some 15 years ago, before we moved here to the top of Paris Mountain. Here sit John and I, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kathe, her husband Jim, our son Willem, and our daughter Phoebe who are headed here from the corners of Virginia.

"Car!" John calls.


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