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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mes boucles d'oreille Françaises, achetées à Pays de Poche

I left home this morning while my family slept: everyone on Thanksgiving break but me.

I wore these ceramic fowl that I bought last summer in Paris at a shop in the Latin Quarter that sells crafts made by local artisans. Chickens, I guess, but perfect for this day before Thanksgiving.

Pays de Poche, loosely translated "pocket country," is just around the corner from Shakespeare and Company. I discovered it on my first trip to France in 2004, and bought a pair of earrings just like this one. A few years ago, they vanished, and I missed them.

I think this is the only pair of earrings that I've ever replaced with ones just like them--and I bought them about as far from home as I've ever ventured.

For this, and for my family now assembled at my Paris, VA home, I'm thankful.

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