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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Blue and Little Green, Together Again

I heard from my daughter Kathe a few times today during her 300 mile drive from Blacksburg to Richmond to Newport News, VA. She drove those 300 miles to see her brother perform in a play tonight. Since the moment her brother came into her life, she's been a great big sister.

Last August she drove to the Outer Banks to join us at The Lost Colony, the show that Willem performed in all summer.

Sometime between the time these two photos were taken, the little brother outgrew his big sister. But the bond they feel remains just as strong, which makes me a proud and happy mom.

My husband John and I will drive to see the show next weekend, since John is accompanying a musical review at his school this weekend. So I spent today at home, enjoying some quiet time. And, of course I made a few more pair of earrings to make sure I make it through the year. Less than 50 days to go!

As I thought about which earrings to write about tonight, my eyes fell on this pair that I made today.

Since they could speak, this older pair of my children has each had a favorite color: blue for Kathe, green for Willem. For a year or so when he was 2, when anyone asked Will what color something was, he would look for something green, pick  it up, and say, "Green!" Other colors were not worth learning.

So today, when my two older children are together, I chose to wear this pair of earrings: blue and green, large and small, together.

Their younger sister, who is equally devoted to the two of them, looks forward to seeing them over Thanksgiving when we're all home together. Too many college commitments in her life just now. So symbols of the older two dangle alone from my ears just now.

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Käthe said...

You're too kind and sweet. We had a great day!