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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like Glenn Close about to do Something Evil

This afternoon I headed off to see a high school musical review wearing this pair of earrings that I made using Ugandan Fair Trade paper beads purchased in bulk at the Potomac Bead Company. They matched my sweater.

But during the second half, sitting in the audience listening to show tunes written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, I realized that I should have chosen a different pair, one of those sent to me by my cousin David's wife Jeanne.

Jeanne's note says, "These belonged to my deceased friend Vera. I thought they looked sophisticated but when I put them on, I feel like Glenn Close about to do something evil.

When I got home, I photographed Jeanne's Glenn Close earrings with the vest and jacket that my husband John wore while playing keyboard in the orchestra. I chose a seat where I could watch him play, way off on the side since he was hidden from view in the back.

For the high school kids performing show tunes, John was a life-line: his keyboard, playing their vocal parts, was hooked into the monitor they heard on stage. Hidden there among the volunteer orchestra was the teacher who taught them how to hit the hard notes with their young voices, played piano during countless rehearsals, and made sure they heard their entrances and harmonies. The stealth musician, an unsung hero of their successful show.

As three boys in tuxedoes sang Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera, I wished I was wearing Jeanne's Glenn Close earrings. Ah, well.

My earrings matched my sweater.

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