365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squirrels for Saturday, November 19th

Saturday morning I packed a bag to get ready for an overnight trip to Newport News to see my son in a play.

I'd bought these stone squirrel beads last spring, and had been meaning to make them into earrings ever since. I decided I'd make them yesterday morning before we left. Will loves squirrels, the dare-devil acrobats of the forest, leaping through the canopy, dancing along bouncing twigs, nesting high in crooks in trees where no other mammal ventures.

I had to smile when I walked into the theater and saw that the stage was surrounded by bare trees. Squirrel habitat.

Watching Willem on stage always makes me proud. His voice resonates, his presence dominates, his mind shines through his lines. This was a tough role, a murderously jealous brother whose sanity unravels over the course of the play. Whenever the actors left the stage, they stood frozen amidst the trees. From my seat in the highest row of tiered seats, I had a view from the canopy, glad to be safe from the tumult that played itself out on stage.


Käthe said...

Couldn't agree more with your words on Willem's performance!

jwkrumich said...

Well stated. Willem was superb. His feelings about his role and what he expressed would have made the process and product even better only again indicated that he has great talents and insights.
But the cast he worked with in his final college show was wonderful!