365 Days of Earrings

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tales of a Cat and a Fish

"You're wearing two different earrings!"

"One of your earrings is tilted--no, wait, what is that?

"Are both of those earrings fish? The one on the hook is hooked at the tail instead of the mouth!"

"Why is one of your earrings a cat, but the other is a fish?"

As my friend and colleague BJ knew when she gave me this pair of ceramic earrings, they are thought provoking and bound to elicit comments. Wearing them today brightened a rainy morning and inspired lots of conversation.

BJ teaches kindergarten. Her zany sense of humor is the stuff of legend: the teacher who dances on the table when her students accomplish a difficult task.

"So the cat is licking its lips. Maybe it just ate a fish!"

"I think the cat looks worried. The hungry fish is swimming toward the cat!"

Many thanks to BJ, and to everyone who shared their interpretation of my earrings today.

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