365 Days of Earrings

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fair Trade Fused Glass

These earrings were made of fused glass by an artist named Juan Pablo Boroski who lives in Chile. I bought them at the Fair Trade shop in Harper's Ferry, WV. I wore them today because I knew I was in for a long, hot day. When my students commented on them, I responded, "Don't they look like candy?"

"Are we having candy today?"

"No, but wearing them makes me feel like I have extra energy. Don't they look icy?"

"We're going somewhere cold?"

"No, but wearing them makes me feel chill."

We did have popsicles this afternoon. It was a long hot day.

And along with my glass earrings, I wore my green reading glasses on a bead and stone chain that I made to match.

"Did you know your glasses match your earrings?"

"They're green and blue. They match everything she wears."

True. Thanks, Juan Pablo.

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jwkrumich said...

Really enjoying your daily thoughts. I know your love of blue, but I see red in your near future, as in Strawberries!