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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Strawberry Festival Earrings

Memorial Day Weekend has arrived. For my family and the tiny Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Delaplane, VA, this weekend is about attracting visitors to Sky Meadows State Park, selling them strawberries, entertaining them with music and children's games, and doing whatever needs doing to help raise the funds that the church donates to local charities.

We scrounged about for our strawberry paraphernalia to wear today: caps, earrings, t-shirts.

My daughters have owned a variety of Delaplane Strawberry Festival t-shirts over the years: white ones, red ones, and tie-dye; bearing just a logo, and proclaiming slogans:
"The sun always shines on the Delaplane Strawberry Festival;" and "Don't let life pass you by! Delaplane Strawberry Festival."

My husband and son were always content to just wear the Strawberry Festival Volunteer vests and a ball cap.

I wear the earrings that my daughter Kathe made me 6 or 8 years ago. And sometimes the Mardi Gras strawberry necklace that I bought in New Orleans in March of 2010 when I went to visit

This morning Kathe and I wandered through the craft vendors. I chose some new earrings, as I do every year, and Kathe bought me this bowl, a clever storage container for a month's worth of earrings.

Tomorrow we will head back out again. What to wear?

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