365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ready to Begin Anew

I had a crafty day. This morning I sewed a skirt and collar to wear during tomorrow's Social Studies class. Then I started weaving a simple basket to use as a prop for my "wax museum" colonial basketweaver, frozen in place until someone slides a coin into a slot to bring me to life.
  • 5 cents for a fact
  • 25 cents for a story
  • $1.00 for a speech
But more about that tomorrow.

Between laundering clothes, planning for tomorrow, and vacuuming stink bugs, I set out my earring-making kit and fiddled about. I made a pair for tomorrow, a pair for the future, and then a pair for today. 

Making things renews my soul. Last week was long and hard. I wondered whether this weekend could be long enough. But tonight, I feel myself looking forward to another school week.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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K├Ąthe said...

you mirror my feelings exactly, though i wasn't as creative as you this weekend! go you! i look forward to hearing about this year's wax museum. it was such a success last year!