365 Days of Earrings

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sports Mom, Retired

This is the first spring in 16 years that I haven't spent many hours on the sidelines of a sports field, cheering for one of my children. And many hours driving to games and practices. And in the early years, many hours coaching those teams myself.

Just last spring, I wore these earrings frequently to Phoebe's lacrosse games. She made them for me long ago, using Shrinky Dinks. I exposed them to sun so often that they faded. I decided that this year, they were perfect for Mother's Day, a retired emblem for a stage of motherhood that I loved. I miss the comradery of the parent groups and the pride I felt in my children's athletic prowess. I miss the drives home from games, time to debrief and share.

In college, Phoebe is playing Ultimate Frisbee. Maybe someday I'll go see a game. Frisbee earrings? Sculpey, or Shrinky Dink?

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