365 Days of Earrings

Friday, May 27, 2011

New meets Old

I've enjoyed making earrings with these new hooks. The beads just slide on, no need to make hooks or twist wires.

New to me, anyway.

Tonight I shared my grandmother's amazing geneology book with my daughter Kathe who is here for a visit. She pored over it, commenting on names, dates, and places that our ancestors had lived. Psyche? Ethics? Eyre? 946!!! Switzerland! "I have Swiss blood on both sides!"

News to her. And such fun to watch her enthuse over each discovery.

I hung my earrings on the Seth Thomas clock that sits on my dresser. Throughout my childhood it stood on the living room mantle. One of my parents wound it every day. It worked for many years, with occasional trips to the repair shop.

This clock is from my dad's family. One very much just like it stood on the mantle of my mother's childhood home. To me, it is a treasure that connects me with times gone by, with people I know through the names and dates inscribed by my grandmother's tiny script in the geneology book.

Treasures, old and new.

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Käthe said...

Thank you for sharing it! We need to go back over it with a magnifying glass later. Her handwriting is beautiful, but tiny! :)